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Building a Home – Don’t Do It! Okay, Maybe Don’t Do it, Yet!

Getting started is the hard part. Perhaps it could be said that, in life, there is no perfect time to do just about anything. There are urgencies that make things immediately necessary but when it comes to planning for a

Build a Home Wind Turbine and Never Pay an Electric Bill Again

Whether you want to eliminate your energy bill, set yourself up to live off the grid, or make your home a little greener, you will want to look at what it takes to build a home wind turbine. You will

Cost of Home Building Materials – A Big Chunk of Money But a Fraction of the Cost to Build a Home

How much does it cost to build a home? Everyone wants to start with the cost of the building materials. And while that represents a huge portion of the overall costs (probably the biggest in most cases), it’s still a

Building a Home – It’s Like a Leap of Faith & a Voyage Into the Unknown

Building a home is a lot like living a life. There are twists and turns that you simply can’t predict. Despite a cautious approach or extensive planning, someone or something is going to throw you a curve. This scares a

Building a Home – What Every Owner Builder Must Know About Home Building Materials

Home building materials play a significant role. Since the Three Little Pigs first wiggled their curly little tails, we’ve been aware of the importance of building materials. But, while they had only three choices, we have more … a lot